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The Times tells us that it is now accepted knowledge that a forty five minute stroll through woodlands is supremely beneficial in restoring a sense of balance, whether to a young teenager, a city worker or a housewife...

So come and walk in our woodlands or do more with us. Come to us for an immense change, perhaps even a life changing moment.

Not only do we hope you will have huge fun, we also aim to bring you new knowledge and skills - recognising wildflowers, trees and birds, making a shelter (no igloos here!), learning to make charcoal or collecting the brambles, hazel and other materials to make a basket. Perhaps not useful in everyday life but certainly balm for the mind!

Amazing We are amazing We are the highest form of life that we know of The most humble to the most angry We are amazing Our youngest to our eldest One has clear Pages to fill The other great volumes to share We are amazing One clan upon this flower Moving within the most hostile of Space The flower is amazing So large, so beautiful caressing our moon with gentile breath All life forms are amazing Dependant one upon the other One Clan We are amazing clive cobie 2008

Clive, who knows the land like the back of his hand, will have you creating fire from a pile sticks and string and happily drinking a cup of well desirved tea.

If you wish to have a restorative time - take a walk in the woods with Alan who will point out lots of things you would probably miss. Then Amanda can give you one of the best massages you will ever have using herbs she has picked and dried to infuse her oils.

Or you can learn various crafts including bow making and flint knapping, catch a lecture from one of visiting speakers, eat delicious food (sourced locally of course and lovingly prepared on site) and even stay over in a comfortable bed and with your own shower if tenting is not your cup of tea.

So, you can be as active or as tranquil as you like at Shadow woods.

Members since 2007