So gathering knowledge and inspiration along the way he took part in various courses to further his learning, in doing so gained a great love for Scandinavia and the colder climes of the northern hemisphere. Darren now really enjoys bow making, green wood working, bark work, carving, leather work and flint knapping. He is always ready to learn new skills as well as old ones and says that the more people he teaches, the more he learns and that everyone has something to offer.

Over the past 18 months Darren has been working with a wide variety of people, but done most of his work with youngsters with learning difficulties or on the verge of exclusion from school, and adults with learning difficulties and mental health problems, he finds them very rewarding and inspirational. He has also been giving short weekly bushcraft sessions at 3 different holiday camps through the summer in Pembrokeshire.

Darren has an enthusiastic but calm teaching style but also includes humour and banter in his lessons where appropriate. He is looking forward to spending lots more time out in nature in the forthcoming year and eagerly awaits with anticipation the prospect of meeting lots of new faces with their stories to tell and skills to share.