Fathers and Sons- Go Wild in the Woods

Example of the activities covered, these may vary in accordance with the season.

Friday evening:
7.00 pm Arrivals and introductions.
7.30 pm Get Comfy and camp safety - settle into your Yurt or Tent
8.00pm Light the Fire
8.45pm Supper
9.45 pm example - night walk , whos there?

8.00am Breakfast
9.00 am Using tools of the trade - safe use and knife shapening
9.45 am Activity one - example - Lets make a base, shelter building
11.30 am Activity two - example - Camp capture adventure
12.30 am Lunch
1 pm Activity three - example - introduction to the methods of creating fire
2.30 pm Activity four - example - Where did they go? Find your way back to camp follow the clues along along the way.
3.45 pm Tea 'n tucker
4.15pm Activity five - example - Making string ( part one)
5.15pm Activity six -example - Bow and Drill ( part one)
6.30 pm Supper
7.15 pm Camp fire brain shower - example - discuss the day
8 pm Activity four - example - Camp craft- make something useful
9.00 pm The story of Shadow Woods 

8.00 am Breakfast
9.30 am Activity one - example - natures larder walk - gather your lunch!
11.30 pm Activity two - example - Making string ( part two)
12.30 pm Lunch
1.30pm Activity three - example - Bow and Drill ( part two)
2.30 pm Activity four - example - Water collection and methods of purification
3.30pm Well what did you think?
4.00 pm Pack up camp
4.45 pm Leave

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